Dr Vladimir Sorin

Dr Sorin is a specialist and Consultant in General Surgery. The range of his surgical skills extends to various operations especially in proctology, abdominal and breast surgery including laparoscopic procedures. Dr Sorin lectures at Medical Conferences in Israel and internationally and writes papers for Medical Journals in the fields of Surgery and Oncology.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

2000 - Present: Assuta Hospital (Israel): Private consultant surgeon 2000-2008: E. Wolfson Hospital (Israel): Consultant surgeon, Surgery A Department 1994-1999: E. Wolfson Hospital (Israel): Resident surgeon, Surgery A Department 1985-1992: Volhov Hospital (St Petersburg): Resident surgeon, Surgical Department


2009: Proctology - St.Marks Hospital & Academic Institute, London (GB)

2004: Minimal invasive surgery - Marchus Hospital (Guethe University) Frankfurt (Germany) Present: Member of Israel's Colorectal Surgery Association Medical accreditation 1986-1989: PhD Gastric surgery: 1st Leningrad Medical School 1979-1985: MD: 1st Leningrad Medical School